Tucker Carlson asked whether President Trump really wants to win re-election in 2020, pointing out some policy proposals that could make it more difficult to keep the support he needs in key states. 

Carlson said everyone assumes Trump wants another four years, but it wouldn't be "crazy" for him to decide he's done being subject to House Democrats' investigations and wants to return to his old life.

"How'd you like to spend your 70s locked in the White House?" he asked.

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Carlson said Trump might start by proposing more than a half-billion in Medicare cuts, reduce funding for the E-Verify system, "release a bunch of drug dealers" from prison during a drug epidemic and continue the "pointless" military intervention in Syria.  

"If the president did all that, the message would be very clear. He has no idea what he ran on in 2016. He just wants out."

Carlson ended by saying that if voters still didn't get the message, maybe because they were "distracted by the Russia hoax," Trump might support a hike on gas taxes.

"In fact, the administration is proposing just that," he said, explaining that the administration is reportedly negotiating with Democrats on a gas tax hike to fund infrastructure improvements. 

He said it's an idea everyone in Washington, D.C, will love but any policy that raises gas prices "crushes the weakest in our society," many of whom voted for Trump. Carlson called the idea "nuts" and said there are many better options to raise revenue for new infrastructure. 

He asked why Amazon shouldn't pay a new tax to fund infrastructure, since their business relies on the use of U.S. roads and highways to deliver their products. 

Watch the full monologue above. 

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