On his "My Take" commentary on Fox Nation Thursday, Stuart Varney said the Democratic Party may be drifting toward the left, but moderates are trying to mount a comeback.

"Having seen their party overrun by the socialists, they perhaps realize that the far-left will lose them the election in 2020," Varney said.

He noted that Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) on Thursday declared his candidacy for the presidency, touting his ability to win the Midwestern states that vaulted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016.

He added that former Vice President Joe Biden is trying to "quell the storm" as he faces a series of allegations of unwanted and inappropriate touching of women.

Varney said that any moderate who enters the 2020 race will find themselves out of sync with today's Democratic Party, which has seen a socialist "surge."

"They'll be in a bind in the activist primaries, and they'll be in a bind with the debates, which begin in June," Varney said. "Can you imagine two dozen candidates crowding the podium, going to extremes to win attention? Remember, the left always shouts the loudest."

He added that the Democratic primary could be difficult for white, male, heterosexual candidates, because the party is now obsessed with identity politics and "who you are."

"The Democrats may be united in their contempt for the president, but they're split big time by policy and by identity."

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