Minutes after the March 2019 unemployment figures were released by the federal government, the hosts of "Fox & Friends" reacted to the strong report.

"The jobs market is actually on fire," FBN host Stuart Varney said. "The best I've seen in a generation."

Brian Kilmeade said that the unemployment rate remained steady since February at 3.8 percent.

The panel said that number is very close to historic lows.

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During World War II, the unemployment rate wavered over and under two percent, hitting its post-war low of 2.5 percent in 1953.

Varney said employers appear to be "holding onto their workforce," noting that the rate of initial jobless claims -- which he nicknamed the 'firing rate' -- is at a 49-year-low as well.

Kilmeade noted that the department store chain Target raised wages for its workers without the government forcing it to do so, characterizing that as an example of a company trying to retain its employees.

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