Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded that the Russians cease their assistance in propping up Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.

Pompeo told "Fox & Friends" that Maduro, a protege of the late socialist icon Hugo Chavez, "must go."

"The Russians must leave," he said, noting that the Kremlin is supporting the Maduro regime as the once-rich nation descends into economic and humanitarian chaos.

Pompeo said the Cubans are also a major source of support for Maduro, while the United States is aligned with several other nations in favor of Venezuelan assembly leader Juan Guiado leading the country.

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He said that the United States is committed to helping Venezuela, "a once-rich nation," return to economic stability.

"This is our neighborhood," he said.

In regard to border security, Pompeo said that the administration is targeting Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in its fight against illegal immigration.

He said that some aid to Central America has been cut, but that leaders in most of those countries have in recent days committed to helping stem the flow of illegals.

This week, experts urged the United Nations to declare a humanitarian emergency as the country's health system collapses and food shortages continue to be widespread.

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