White House adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner spoke to Laura Ingraham about President Trump's "First Step Act," which seeks to help American inmates transition to a constructive role in society upon their release.

Ingraham played an exclusive clip from the interview on her Fox Nation program, "Laura & Raymond," with EWTN anchor Raymond Arroyo.

Kushner said that when advisers approached him about the prison reform issue and explained how much of a recidivism problem America has, the president agreed that part of the problem is the amount of "obstacles" newly-released inmates face.

He said that many times, an inmate will be left with extra fines, inability to travel for work or legal responsibilities because their documents have expired, and several other roadblocks.

Kushner told Ingraham that he knew about the issue firsthand because his father, New York developer Charles Kushner, served more than a year in prison.

In 2005, the elder Kushner was prosecuted in New Jersey for making illegal campaign contributions, among other charges.

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"I met a lot of different families [during that time]," Jared Kushner said. "A lot were good people who just made a mistake."

Ingraham played video of several beneficiaries of the First Step Act speaking about their experience at the White House.

One man, Gregory Allen, beamed as Trump invited him to offer remarks:

"Two months ago, I was in a prison cell. Now I'm in the White House. Let's continue to make America great again," Allen said.

Kushner said that the Act proves Trump is a "competent executive" with a "big heart."

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