Senate Judiciary Committee member John N. Kennedy (R-La.) said that the allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden are "unnatural, abnormal and weird."

Several women claim Biden, 76, inappropriately touched them, and several other incidents have been documented on C-Span videos posted online.

"The kind of behavior that the vice president has demonstrated repeatedly, to me, it's unnatural, abnormal -- it's weird," Kennedy said of the former longtime Delaware senator.

"In my opinion, this is not a country for creepy old men."

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Kennedy said that it is evident that Biden did not find the instances strange or unnatural.

To Biden's defenders who claim it is a sign of being "from another generation," Kennedy said that he doesn't think the habit is generational.

"Smelling somebody's hair... is an inappropriate [form of] connecting [with someone]," he said.

"If somebody smells my hair, the least I'm going to demand is an apology."

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