Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said Joe Biden is an "honorable and decent human being" who is "owning his mistakes" when it comes to improperly touching other people.

Biden issued a statement earlier this week in which the former Delaware senator and vice president said he meant no disrespect and that he has always comported himself in a way he believed to be comforting to others.

Brazile, who served as DNC chairwoman and was Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign manager, said the potential 2020 contender Biden has "never been inappropriate with me."

"Joe Biden is someone who has comforted me on many occasions," she said, noting the deaths of her parents and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated her hometown of New Orleans.

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At the same time, Brazile said, it is important for women to "speak their truth" about their experiences with Biden.

Brazile said that no one has accused him of sexual harassment, as some women have accused President Donald Trump.

She said that, just as Biden must make a decision about 2020, she would also welcome Gore, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry to the field.

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