Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones traveled to Laredo, Texas, to get a firsthand look at the crisis at the southern border.

Jones sat down with Border Patrol agents in the Laredo Sector to see if they agree with President Trump that there is indeed a national emergency at the border and that drastic action must be taken.

"There's absolutely a crisis on the border, without a doubt," one agent said. "There's a national security crisis, there's a humanitarian crisis, and there's what we like to call a policy crisis."

He revealed that out of 170 miles of border in his sector, only approximately 30 percent has roads for agents to patrol along the border. He added that their cameras also only capture about 30 percent of the border.

"There's 70 percent of that 170 miles that we're not sure what's coming in and what's coming across," he said.

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Jones said many of the issues facing the Border Patrol are related to a lack of personnel and resources.

"A lot of these agents don't have a partner out there. They are by themselves. They strap a gun to their hip every single day, and they want to go home to their families as well. And they're being put into difficult situations," Jones said.

He added that his tour of the Laredo Sector highlighted the necessity of Trump's long-promised border wall.

"This is not a political issue," Jones said. "They need a barrier."

Watch the clip above, and tune in to "Hannity" at 9:00pm ET Thursday to see more of Jones' reporting from Texas.

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