Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe said the left's reactions to the misconduct allegations against Joe Biden show how "disingenuous" they are when it comes to the #MeToo Movement.

The former vice president -- and possible 2020 presidential candidate -- has been accused by two more women of unwanted touching, bringing the total number of women who have complained publicly about Biden to four.

"You have people who are choosing to weaponize it against Joe Biden, who don't want him to run. And then you have people saying that there's nothing to see here, it's not a big deal, because they think Joe Biden's the strongest candidate to run so they're willing to look the other way," Boothe said.

"So, to me, it shows the disingenuousness of the left on the Me Too Movement," she added, noting that sexual misconduct accusations were used by many on the left as a "battering ram" against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanuagh during his confirmation process.

She also said she believes it's not a good idea for Democrats to put all their hopes in Biden, who has unsuccessfully run for president twice and who may not stand out in a crowded primary field.

Republican political consultant Brad Blakeman said that Biden has become a "caricature."

"All you have to do is put 'Creepy Joe' in Google and you're going to have all these videos of him acting inappropriately towards women," he said. "So it is a label that has now stuck to Joe Biden. And I think that Democrats should act with caution with allegations that they treat Republicans differently than they treat Democrats when allegations are made."

Boothe agreed and claimed that despite evidence of Biden "being creepy," many Democrats still "excuse it."

"The left only cares about it when they can use it as a political weapon. Otherwise, they don't care."

Watch the "America's Newsroom" discussion above.

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