The Republican mayor of El Paso, Texas said that he opposes closing the Mexican border as a way to fight the illegal immigration crisis, but offered other ways to effect national security.

Dee Margo said that shutting down the border as President Trump has considered would be "draconian and devastating."

He cited the thousands of vehicles and legal pedestrians that enter and exit El Paso every day, adding that the city welcomes $212 million dollars in goods from Mexico and beyond every day.

He blamed the crisis on the "lack of intestinal fortitude by both sides of the aisle" in Washington, and suggested that major changes be made to a landmark anti-child-trafficking law that asylum seekers and others have been using.

Margo said that the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victim Protection Act has the noble goal of protecting children and other individuals from being trafficked across the border.

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However, the law has allowed virtually "unfettered asylum" to unaccompanied persons coming out of Mexico, Margo said.

"That law needs to be addressed," Margo said.

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