Ashley Bratcher, the lead actress in the new film "Unplanned," spoke to Todd Starnes on Fox Nation about how the role changed her life.

The path to the release of "Unplanned" has been riddled with speed bumps, from the MPAA giving it an "R" rating, to left-wing activists speaking out against it.

"There are people out there who do not want this film to gain traction," Starnes said.

Bratcher said that when she found out that "Abby" in the film is the real-life Abby Johnson, she wanted to hear her testimony on her own experience.

Johnson recent wrote a column for Fox News explaining her own experience:

I worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years, rising through the ranks from volunteer escort, to clinic counselor to clinic director. I was awarded the Employee of the Year prize in 2008 and was one of the youngest clinic directors in the country, setting an example of how to run a clinic to churn out as many abortions – the biggest money maker – as I could. Then it all changed when I was asked to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion.

Some images stick with you forever, images that you can’t unsee. The photo of the first responder carrying the limp child in his arms after the Oklahoma City bombing. The photos of the Twin Towers falling. These images burn in your mind, causing you to replay them over and over again. They are impactful.

The fetus was 13-weeks-old and I could easily see it’s head, arms, and legs. The abortion instrument – a suction tube – was on the screen as well. The baby jumped away from it but it was all for naught. The abortionist turned on the suction and I saw that baby get sucked apart right in front of me on the screen and inches from the probe I was holding.

In mere seconds, that fetus’ life ended and the screen only showed a black, empty uterus. The life that was there just a couple minutes ago was gone. In that moment, I saw for myself what I was supporting for the last eight years and it broke me.

Bratcher said she was emotionally affected by Johnson's experiences at Planned Parenthood and how she personally watched an "ultrasound-guided abortion."

"It still makes me really emotional. I can't even fathom witnessing that firsthand," Bratcher said. 

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She added that until that point, she thought of abortion as an issue she could have her own opinion on but shouldn't have a say in someone else's decision.

"It really opened my eyes," she said, adding that she previously felt "shame" for her own unplanned pregnancy.

"I was young, unmarried, and didn't have a job," she said. "But, my child empowered me."

She also discussed taking her young son to the film and some of the questions he asked after viewing the movie.

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