Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez on Monday called out the "cowards" in the Republican Party who don't "stand up" to President Trump.

During a discussion at Brandeis University, Perez proclaimed “the party of Lincoln” to be dead.

"The thing is, they are cowardly,” Perez said. “History will not only judge Donald Trump harshly. It will judge Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and all the other cowards who refuse to stand up to this president and allow the party of Lincoln to die. They will be judged harshly because whatever he says goes right now."

On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, Fox News contributor and former Education Secretary Bill Bennett predicted that this type of rhetoric will only get worse in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

"It's also not true. If he paid attention, he would see that Mitch McConnell is not very happy and has made it plain with several things the president has done, like the latest thing on health care," Bennett said, adding that Perez also unfairly criticized Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). 

He acknowledged that for the most part, the GOP is standing with Trump, which he said is a good thing for the country.

"The party of Lincoln is not dead. It's very much alive. It has changed, no doubt about it," Bennett said. "The party has been transformed to some degree by Donald Trump, but, no, I think the ideals of Lincoln remain vibrant in the party."

He argued that it's the Democratic Party that has changed from the party of civil rights and equality to the party of identity politics and far-left policies.

"It used to be a party of the center. And now it's a party of the left. And it seems to get further every day, doesn't it?"

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