Actress Alyssa Milano is leading the charge against the new pro-life “heartbeat bill” that the Georgia Senate passed earlier this month, and "Unplanned" star Ashley Bratcher is firing back.

Milano shared a letter signed by 50 celebrities, threatening to boycott filming in Georgia if the bill passes. The bill seeks to limit abortions to six weeks after conception unless the pregnancy was conceived through rape or incest, becomes law.

Bratcher stars in "Unplanned" as Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who quit and became a pro-life activist.

"I’m incredibly proud of my home state for taking a stand in the fight for life amidst backlash and dubious threats," Bratcher wrote in an open letter.

She commended Milano for defending women's rights, but she wondered about the rights of women within the womb.

Bratcher revealed that she just learned months ago that she was nearly aborted, but her mother decided to keep the pregnancy.

"Women do not seek abortions because they feel strong or empowered, they seek them because they are scared. They seek abortions because society and the new-age feminist movement perpetuates the lie that women cannot be successful and be mothers," Bratcher wrote. "Those of us on the other side of the fence are here with open arms saying, 'Yes, you can!'"

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Bratcher said she thought it was "pretty outrageous" that Milano's letter focused more on tax incentives and hurting Georgia economically than women's reproductive rights or the morality of abortion.

"It seemed like she was more concerned with making money than the morality of the issue. And for me, it's always going to be about morals over money," Bratcher said.

As for Milano's claim that the "heartbeat bill" is "so evil," Bratcher said she simply doesn't understand how protecting an innocent life is evil.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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