Michael Caputo, a longtime friend and onetime adviser to President Trump, said that although the Mueller probe has concluded, he will never regain the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent defending himself, nor the reputation he once had.

Caputo said he feels "personally vindicated," along with "upwards of 50 old-school Trump associates" who are no longer under a cloud of investigation.

"You look around and there's a crater where your life used to be," he added.

Julie Banderas noted that Caputo is not a wealthy, well-connected New Yorker as many of Trump's friends are said to be, but instead a political consultant from Upstate.

She said Caputo had to dig into his children's college fund to pay for legal representation and other expenses, with Caputo adding that he's lost 75 percent of his PR business' clients.

Caputo added that in addition to the toll he took emotionally and financially, he had to deal with people trying to apparently get him in further trouble.

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Caputo said that a man identifying himself as a Russian-American named "Henry Greenberg" called him one day from Miami, "offering information [on Hillary Clinton] to the Trump campaign."

"I deflected the call to Roger Stone," Caputo recalled, noting that at the time he knew Greenberg to be a man with questionable ties.

Caputo said he found out that Greenberg is or was an FBI informant. 

In a 2018 statement, Caputo claimed the man's real identity is Gennady Vasilievich Vostretsov, a Russian national who Caputo said has a criminal record.

One of Stone's attorneys, Grant Smith, claimed in a 2018 letter to the House Intelligence Committee that Greenberg a.k.a. Vostretsov was trying to "entrap" Stone and "compromise the Trump effort."

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