Comedian and sitcom writer Michael Loftus joined Stuart Varney on Fox Nation's "My Take" to discuss the backlash to his "Deplorables" comedy tour.

Loftus has been traveling the country along with fellow conservative, pro-President Trump comics and The Deplorables Choir.

Loftus previously told "Fox & Friends" that they wanted to take their acts on the road to bring the laughs and to help break the left's "stranglehold" on entertainment and comedy.

Ahead of the Friday night's show in Portland, Oregon, Loftus said they have been getting some blowback, but "the show must go on."

"If your politics can't hold up to being mocked, your politics must really be horrible," he said, clarifying that he believes the vast majority of Portlanders are great and open to diverse political viewpoints.

He lamented, however, that some people are holding on to their hatred for President Trump, despite the fact that the economy is booming and the country is doing great.

"Come on out, see 'The Deplorables Show,' you're gonna have a great time," Loftus said. "You're gonna laugh and you're not gonna get attacked for leaning right."

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