Country music star John Rich made a surprise call to "Fox & Friends" Friday morning!

Rich, of the duo Big & Rich, heard his song "I Came to Git Down" played at the show's opening, and he called in to chat with Steve Doocy, Ainsley Eardhardt and Brian Kilmeade a short time later.

Rich said he was in the middle of his morning routine, which includes watching "Fox & Friends" and getting his seven- and nine-year-old sons ready for school.

"They don't want to get up, but they gotta get up. They gotta go to school and learn how to be smart young American men," Rich said.

Kilmeade said that Big & Rich is great music to get the day started.

"Big & Rich music has always been kinda that injection of energy, I think, into people's lives. And we love playing it," Rich said. "It just gives you a Redneck Riviera kinda morning every time you hear that Big & Rich sound plowing through 'Fox & Friends.'"

Watch the spontaneous moment above!

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