Washington Gov. Jay Inslee ripped President Trump as "cowardly and pessimistic" on the topic of combating climate change, describing his 2020 Democratic presidential pitch to "Fox & Friends."

Inslee responded to Trump mocking the Green New Deal at a Michigan rally Thursday, saying that green jobs are "growing like crazy" and that the New York Republican is not being optimistic.

"We need an inspirational leader, not a pessimistic leader," said Inslee, who also directly challenged Trump to release his tax returns.

Inslee said that he released a decades-worth of his own filings this week and that the president should "come clean to the American people" and do the same.

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Returning to the matter of global warming, Inslee blamed the phenomenon for widespread, dangerous flooding in Nebraska and other parts of the Missouri River watershed.

Steve Doocy noted that he grew up in neighboring Kansas and can remember similar flooding 50 years ago, asking if Inslee believed that disaster was also climate-related.

Inslee said it was, and said that defeating climate change is akin to how America defeated fascism and reached the Moon.

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