Two Tennessee Republican congressmen mocked Rep. Adam Schiff after the California Democrat claimed he still has proof of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, offered a fiery defense of himself and his collusion claims during a hearing on Thursday.

Reps. Tim Burchett and Mark Green tweeted out a short video that showed them "discovering" Schiff's report on the matter.

"I have the Schiff report," Burchett told Green as he encountered his fellow Volunteer on Capitol Hill, and showed him a manila envelope.

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"No way!" Green responded. "You have the report? Holy cow. He has the Schiff Report!"

Green told Burchett that "there's got to be proof [of collusion] in here," shaking the envelope, but finding nothing inside.

"I guess that's it. There's no proof," Burchett remarked.

Earlier Thursday, House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee called on Schiff to resign from his leadership position on the panel. 

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