Laura Ingraham took a look at how Democrats and anti-Trump "resistance" members are coping with Special Counsel Robert Mueller failing to find evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

She said millions of liberals suffered a "profound sense of loss" over the weekend when Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller's findings and it did not contain the evidence of criminality they'd predicted.

Well, bless their hearts. After all, they have invested so much of themselves and their futures in Robert Mueller taking down the president. They named their dogs after him. They lit candles for him. They even wore his name. They venerated him. And they gave him thanks," she explained.

"You see, Mueller wasn't just a special prosecutor to Democrats. He was a deity, a messiah-like figure who would deliver them from the evil of Trump and wash away the sin of the 2016 election. Let's face it, even though built on rage, this was a religion for the left."

Ingraham went on to lay out the five stages of grief for liberals over the Mueller report summary, including "denial" by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who continues to claim there was collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign. 

But she said liberals may never reach the final stage of "acceptance" of Mueller's findings and will likely opt for "vengeance" by calling Mueller to testify before Congress. She also predicted that the left will now place their hopes in federal prosecutors in New York to take down Trump. 

Watch the "Angle" above.

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