Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the key corrupt decision by the Washington bureaucracy in regard to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation was the FBI's failure to notify the Trump campaign that Russia was trying to intercede on their behalf.

Speaking on Fox Nation's "Deep Dive," Fitton told host James Freeman that it is "pretty clear" that the investigation "heated up" during the period in 2016 when communications were exchanged between top DOJ official Bruce Ohr and ex-MI6 Agent Christopher Steele.

But, Fitton said that the FBI previously received information that the Trump campaign was the "target of an effort to compromise [it]."

"Someone made the decision not to provide a debriefing to [Donald] Trump [and] that was a partisan decision," Fitton said.

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He said that because the feds failed to notify his campaign, Trump was unable to protect himself from being a "target of a Russia intelligence operation."

Fitton said that decision was used to help the greater "pretext" to investigate the New York Republican.

Fitton said that in 1997, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and other California politicians were warned about Chinese attempts to intercede in their political affairs. More than two decades later, the same courtesy was not extended to Trump, he said.

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