House Judiciary Committee Member Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Democrats are "absolutely" playing politics with public safety in regard to border security.

"Drug cartels control every inch of the border," Gohmert said, adding that Democrats appear to be "doing their bidding" by rebuffing President Trump's attempts to secure the area.

He said that 3,700 illegals or asylum seekers were apprehended at the Texas border in one day.

Washington Rep. Adam Smith blasted President Trump this week for trying to move $1 billion in Pentagon funds to be used toward the building of the wall.

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Gohmert said Smith (D), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, was being "sincere" but misguided.

"It's perfectly legal what [Trump's] doing," Gohmert said, after Smith accused the White House of "irresponsibly" trying to fund a border wall by "looking at the Pentagon as a piggy bank."

"It really undermines the credibility of the entire DoD budget," Smith said in a hearing this week.

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