Senate Judiciary Committee Member John N. Kennedy (R-La.) said the Mueller investigation was "a cross between an endoscopy and a colonoscopy" and the public deserves to know how it all began.

He said that, with about 500 witnesses questioned and 500 search warrants executed, it's obvious that "this is over" after Mueller concluded the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia to sway the 2016 election. 

Kennedy called for President Trump to declassify all 2016 election-related FBI documents, except for sources, methods and other sensitive information.

"I think the FBI is the premier law enforcement agency in the history of the world, but I think there were some bad actors over there, and there may still be," he said.

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"I think some of them acted on their political beliefs. Some tried to hurt Trump, some tried to hurt Clinton," he added, saying the release of the documents may help Americans make their own decisions. 

Sandra Smith played video of several top Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, expressing dissatisfaction with only having a summary of Mueller's report from the attorney general.

"If the Democrats want to ... act like a bunch of meatheads, and keep trying to beat this thing to death, I can assure you on the Republican side there will be a response to that," said Kennedy, agreeing the Mueller report should be released to the public. 

He said that Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham should follow his instincts on whether another special counsel is needed to probe how the Trump investigation started, and whether ex-FBI Director James Comey should be called before the committee.

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