In her Final Thoughts on Monday on Fox Nation, Tomi Lahren said that the left will continue to make claims about Russian collusion for several more weeks until they decide to return to claiming President Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist.

"Our favorite Trump-deranged, bitter buddies will go back to the racist card, the sexist card, the porn star card, and whatever other bogus card they think they can pull to disparage the president," she said.

"It's quite pathetic, and the American people deserve better, even from the Democrats," Lahren added.

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"Two years, millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of hours of fake news media -- and the verdict is 'no collusion' and 'no evidence sufficient to establish any obstruction of justice'," she said.

"Since the day Donald Trump was elected, the Democrats have insisted he is not their rightful president. From day one they convinced themselves, and millions of gullible people around the world, that the only way Donald J Trump could’ve beaten Hillary Rodham Clinton was by conspiring with Russia," she said.

Lahren pointed to ex-FBI Director James Comey, his former deputy, Andrew McCabe, and DOJ officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as the chief members of a "taxpayer-funded witch hunt" to "destroy President Trump."

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