Greg Gutfeld said Monday that the release of the summary of the Mueller report and the arrest of Michael Avenatti on unrelated charges shows that the media is in a "crisis moment."

Gutfeld said that the media is "the only reason we know who Avenatti is."

He said that Avenatti would be just another high-powered lawyer if it weren't for the media's interest in his "narrative" against President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

"He was allowed to prosper at the foot of the media because he indulged their narrative on Brett Kavanaugh," he said, referring to salacious but uncorroborated allegations made by a female client of Avenatti against Kavanaugh. 

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The Avenatti news came hours after Attorney General William Barr and Deputy A.G. Rod J. Rosenstein released a summary of the Mueller report.

Gutfeld nodded to the fact the media has been comprehensively covering the Mueller case for more than two years.

"The media needs some self-reflection," he said.

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