A New Jersey high school student received an invitation to the White House from President Trump after he said last month that he was rejected by the National Honor Society (NHS) because of his political views.

Boris Kizenko, a junior at Holmdel High School, said last month in an interview that his school's administration and the "council" responsible for determining admittance into the NHS claimed he had a "character flaw."

Kizenko added that he met all of the NHS's grade and community service requirements, but people took exception when he posted a quote from the president on his class' Instagram page.

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He said after that, he was deemed to have a "character" issue and accused of not "representing the ideals of the class." The school district's superintendent denied Zizenko's claims, saying  "political affiliation is not a consideration for National Honor Society acceptance."

Zizenko traveled to the White House Thursday to be in attendance when Trump signed an executive order promoting free speech on college campuses.

He said he felt it was important to be there after what he has experienced at his school. 

"This happens all the time in schools," said Zizenko, noting that he heard similar stories from other conservative and Trump-supporting students around the country after he spoke out.

On top of that, he said the school denied his request for an excused absence for his trip to the White House.

Watch the full interview above.

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