Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board said Friday that key documents must be declassified by President Trump to give the public a full understanding of how the Russia investigation began in 2016.

In a new Wall Street Journal piece, Strassel points out that key information has become public in "dribs and drabs" mostly through leaks to the media. One such example is parts of the transcript of the House testimony of James Baker, former FBI general counsel.

She makes the case that other portions of his testimony call into question whether former FBI Director James Comey was truthful about the Steele dossier and the origins of the counterintelligence probe later taken over by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"We need to see all of the transcripts," she said, adding that the FISA application against Carter Page and others must also be released if the Mueller report becomes public.

Strassel said there is "a lot of speculation" about the Mueller report right now, including that its release is imminent, but the ultimate decision rests with Attorney General William Barr.

She said the report could be filled with redactions or Barr could provide a summary to Congress.

Strassel said there has now been years of "media speculation" about Trump-Russia collusion via leaks from government officials or former Obama administration officials.

Watch the full interview above from "America's Newsroom."

UPDATE: A top Senate Democrat on the Judiciary Committee conceded in a conference call with reporters Saturday that when the special counsel's principal findings are released by Attorney General William Barr, there may well be cause for celebration among President Trump's supporters. Mueller submitted his report to Barr on Friday.