2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper got in hot water with the media after questioning whether a woman should be automatically named as a vice presidential nominee.

During a CNN town hall, moderator Dana Bash asked Hickenlooper -- a former Colorado governor and Denver mayor -- about how several Democrats have already pledged to name a woman to be their running mate.

Bash noted that Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and others have made such pledges in recent days. Hickenlooper responded by asking whether the opposite should be true for female presidential candidates.

"How come you're not asking more often, the women, are you willing to put a man on the ticket?" Hickenlooper said.

MSNBC host Craig Melvin laughed after hearing the answer, and Melvin's guest noted the prevalence of men as vice presidential candidates already.

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One media pundit said that Hickenlooper's answer is something to "groan at" and another said she wants to send the candidate a copy of the popular "placemats with presidential faces" to show how men dominate the field.

On "Fox & Friends," Ed Henry said Hickenlooper was being anything but misogynistic.

Jedediah Bila agreed, adding that he may have been trying to point out that women can be "at the top of the ticket" and shouldn't be assumed to be only vice presidential material.

Henry added that Hickenlooper, a former small business owner, seems afraid to mention his career successes because the Democratic Party has moved so "far left."

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