Retired Navy SEAL and Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) reacted Friday to statements from a retired Army general who said that identity politics is hurting the military.

Gen. Sean MacFarland spoke at an American Enterprise Institute event this week, and said that 80 percent of kids in high school consider themselves "American" -- but by the midpoint of their college years, they identify as "hyphenated-Americans."

"Identity politics is a cancer," MacFarland said, adding that it is getting harder to "assimilate everybody" within the United States Military.

"I agree," Crenshaw, who lost his eye in battle, said on "Fox & Friends."

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"It's certainly a problem in America at large," he said, adding that some on the left "divide us up into groups."

"The only colors that matter are red, white and blue," Crenshaw said, adding that MacFarland is not far off when he said that identity politics and political correctness could cause the military to "fail."

Crenshaw said that, thanks to colleges, there is a "temptation to tear down everything our country was built on," and that the left's definition of equality has more to do with egalitarianism than ability to "compete in a free society."

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