In his latest "My Take" commentary on Fox Nation, Stuart Varney praised President Trump for authoring an executive order that will ensure free speech to all ideologies on college campuses.

Varney said that Trump wants to "make sure that conservatives get a hearing" in the collegiate public square.

"[Conservative students] have been shouted down for far too long," he said.

Varney aired tape of a conservative student being punched in the face at the University of California-Berkeley last month.

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He said that, unfortunately, colleges have become havens for "safe spaces, trigger warnings, censorship and assault."

Varney added that his generation may be to blame, saying that "baby boomers" often became radicals on campus themselves and now are in charge of many colleges.

"The left is not going to give up its campus monopoly without a fight," he warned Trump.

As Fox Business reported:

According to a senior administration official, the order seeks to ensure that public institutions comply with the First Amendment and that private schools fulfill their own stated free speech standards.

A White House official suggested failure to comply could put grant money at risk. In order to receive federal dollars an institution will need to agree to follow certain conditions of receiving the money.

Citing the example of Hayden Williams – a conservative Berkeley student who was assaulted on campus – during a recent event, Trump suggested it would be “costly” for schools to suppress free speech.

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