Mark Steyn said Thursday that presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-N.Y.) pitch to allow illegal immigrants to receive Social Security is a way of trying to "abolish" citizenship.

Speaking on the campaign trail in Iowa, Gillibrand said that in addition to "comprehensive immigration reform," those who are here illegally "must have the right to pay into Social Security... and to have a pathway to citizenship."

Jedediah Bila asked Steyn how that pitch could appeal to any voter in America at this point.

"I think that, to a lot of young people... in a strange sentimental way, the open borders thing has an appeal with the AOC crowd," he said, referring to the supporters of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D).

Steyn said that allowing Social Security to be open to all, regardless of status, is just another way to work toward "abolishing citizenship" entirely.

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"If the perks of citizenship just go to the folks who wander in, you are abolishing citizenship," he said.

Steyn also reacted to tape of then-Delaware Sen. Joe Biden calling the idea of "packing the Supreme Court" to be a "boneheaded" thought -- reminding the Senators around him of how FDR was lambasted for attempting it.

Steyn and the panel predicted how Biden will react to current voices within the Democratic Party that want the court "packed" to water down the effect President Trump has had on it.

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