More and more Democrats, including some 2020 presidential candidates, are floating radical ideas like abolishing the Electoral College and expanding the Supreme Court beyond nine justices.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a 2020 presidential candidate, said at a town hall Monday that every vote counts and the only way to ensure that is to have national voting. South Bend, Indiana Mayor and 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg has also expressed support for such a move.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is running for the presidency again, said after the 2016 election that the Electoral College should be re-examined, arguing some states are "ignored" by candidates in the current process.

Many Democrats have spoken out against the Electoral College after Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by nearly three million in the 2016 election, but still lost the presidency to Trump.

There is a movement in some blue states to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would change the way presidents are picked by allocating each state's electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote – regardless of how the state votes.

Reacting on "The Five," Dana Perino said she believes nixing the Electoral College is becoming a "litmus test" for the Democratic Party in 2020. 

Jesse Watters said Democrats look "extremely weak" when they continue to call for the Electoral College to be abolished, suggesting a stronger message to the candidates who want to take on Trump. 

"If I were a Democrat, I would just say, 'I could beat Trump with the rules, I don't need to change it,'" said Watters, adding that moving to the popular vote to decide presidents would give the power to the cities and take it away from so-called "flyover country."

"Liz Warren thinks she knows more than Ben Franklin? We designed a constitutional republic to prevent mob rule and that's the point."

Greg Gutfeld said it seems like the Democrats are in a contest to see who can go furthest away from the nation's founding principles.

Watch the full discussion above and Tucker Carlson's reaction below.

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