Laura Ingraham pointed out Tuesday the lack of coverage by the mainstream media of the arrest of a previously-deported illegal immigrant in connection with the fatal stabbing of a California woman.

Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, was arrested last week for the heinous crime after 59-year-old Bambi Larson was found dead at her San Jose home Feb. 28. Carranza is accused of stalking Larson before the attack and police said he was found with Larson's cell phone and Kindle reader.

Surveillance video and DNA samples helped police track down Carranza, who has an extensive criminal history, gang ties and had six separate ICE detainers against him.

Carranza was deported in 2013 but had since re-entered the U.S. illegally. The case has focused attention on the state's sanctuary laws, but Ingraham said officials in Santa Clara County have been mostly silent when asked to respond to new information she reported about Carranza's history and local sanctuary policies. 

Ingraham said Larson's murder was covered for 38 seconds on CNN on March 13, but the network has not followed up on the story, despite new information coming to light on Carranza's history. She said the case also received no coverage since March 14 on NBC, CBS, ABC or MSNBC.

She then spoke to Larson’s friend Diane Collman, who delivered a message to President Trump 

"It’s absolutely black and white. My message is 'Please President Trump, I beg of you keep us safe,'" she said, explaining she met Larson in a yoga class in 2004. 

Collman said she wants people to know her friend's story because Larson was there for her during "really hard times" over the years. 

"She needs me to show up for her now," said Collman, blasting state and local officials who she says now have "blood on their hands."

Watch the full reports and powerful interview above.

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