Kenneth Starr said Tuesday on "Fox Nation" that it will be up to Attorney General William Barr whether the Mueller report is released, and what parts of it can be released.

Starr said that while his investigation into Bill Clinton, Whitewater and the then-president's extramarital affairs were governed by a statute, Mueller is governed by newer and different "regulations."

"The regulations have the force of law," Starr said, "The regulations [require] Bob Mueller to submit to the attorney general a confidential report."

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Starr said that Barr will then have to explain to Congress the reasoning behind any actions he takes.

Judge Andrew Napolitano asked if he thinks the Mueller probe is a "witch hunt."

"I don't think so and Bill Barr, the new attorney general, disagreed with that characterization," Starr responded, adding he understands President Trump's frustrations with the situation. 

Starr emphasized the numerous guilty pleas and indictments already brought by Mueller's team. 

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that half of Americans believe the Mueller probe is a "witch hunt." Among independents, 54 percent say Trump is being subject to a "witch hunt," while 42 percent disagree.

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