House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins said Tuesday that "time is bearing out" Republicans' suspicions of a 2016 effort to prevent then-businessman Donald Trump from being elected.

Collins said that he and his fellow minority on the committee continue to push toward investigating what bureaucrats like Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok may have done in their official capacity that aimed to undermine Trump.

"Time is bearing out what many of us thought to start with," he said, calling McCabe, Strzok and Strzok's mistress Lisa Page "the corrupt triumvirate" at the FBI.

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He said that there is more and more proof that a "whole culture in DC did not want this president elected."

Collins said that he predicts Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not find the serious offenses that Democrats were hoping for, which in turn should lead to an investigation of their own side in 2016.

Todd Starnes said that Collins' colleague, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina is "suggesting" that the culture in question extends farther than the FBI.

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