The mother of a murdered California police officer is calling out Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) for halting executions for the state’s 737 death row inmates.

Newsom, vocal opponent of the death penalty, last week signed an executive order that halted all executions at San Quentin State Prison, closing a new execution chamber. The order also withdrew lethal injection regulations. The order, though, left all convictions intact.

Phyllis Loya's son Larry Lasater was shot and killed in 2005 when he was attempting to apprehend two armed robbery suspects. His killer has been sitting on death row since he was convicted in 2007.

"My son was on a foot pursuit, he was ambushed, shot twice, and was killed in the line of duty, protecting his community," Loya said on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning.

She felt that justice was served when her son's killer received the death penalty, and she feels betrayed now that Newsom is going against the wishes of California voters, who in 2016 rejected a death penalty repeal proposal and voted narrowly for a measure to speed up executions.

"I live in a very blue state but the will of the people regarding the death penalty is they wanted the death penalty, they wanted to stop the delay. And instead what he's done is impose his own personal will over the voters. He betrayed us. He stole justice from us like a thief in the night," Loya said.

He said Newsom doesn't care about the victims of crime, and he's more concerned with his leftist agenda and his own political career.

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