A Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon, is the world’s last outpost of the once-booming video rental chain after a store in Australia shut its doors.

The Blockbuster in Bend became the last U.S. location of the bankrupt chain with the closure of two stores in Alaska last summer. Now, it's the lone Blockbuster store in existence on Earth.

So how did this one particular store survive while Blockbuster's 9,000-plus other locations went extinct? "The Greg Gutfeld Show" dispatched Kat Timpf to investigate this "endangered species."

Kat spoke to several loyal patrons and the store's general manager, Sandi Harding, who Kat praised as "a true American hero."

Harding said she's proud to run the world's last Blockbuster, which she described as a family business.

She said she would love to see a revitalization of the chain, although she acknowledged that's likely unfeasible.

Kat offered a few helpful -- and hilarious -- suggestions for a Blockbuster turnaround, including partnerships with other companies, new slogans or even a reality show.

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