The ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee ripped Chairman Jerrold Nadler for issuing document requests to 81 individuals and entities connected to President Trump.

On "Sunday Morning Futures," anchor Maria Bartiromo said that some observers have considered the move to be congressional "overreach."

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) said Nadler (D-N.Y.) is likely concerned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not produce enough evidence to incriminate or damage President Trump.

"Only 30 of [Nadler's] letters actually had anything to do with Russia," Collins said.

"They’re responding to the pressures of their base who want to impeach the president and have wanted to since November of 2016."

He said Republicans will continue to "fight" against overreach, arguing Democrats are pursuing a "politically motivated agenda" with the 2020 election in mind.

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"If Jerry ... wants to come down and have a fishing trip, I've got some great trout streams in north Georgia. I'll be happy to let him fish there," Collins remarked. "He shouldn't be fishing with the American people's money on wasted topics."

Collins also compared House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff's investigation to the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy's (R-Wis.) quest to root out Communists in America after World War II. 

Collins said Schiff repeatedly claims to have damning evidence against Trump in regard to Russian collusion, but also fails to ever specify what that alleged evidence is.

"He has always said, 'Oh I've got this evidence of collusion, we have it all here.' Yet he never shows it."

The 81 individuals and entities faced a March 18 deadline to respond to Nadler's document requests. The committee is said to be investigating potential obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuse of power.

Watch the full interview above.

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