Double-amputee Marine veteran Johnny Joey Jones ripped a USA Today columnist who wrote that the requisite recitation of the national anthem at sports games is a "lazy excuse for patriotism."

Writer Nancy Armour wrote that there are better ways to honor the military legislatively by providing better health care for veterans and prohibiting discrimination.

"Standing at attention... for 2 minutes no more proves love of country or gratitude for those who serve than wearing an American flag pin does," Armour wrote.

Jones, who lost both legs in an IED blast in Afghanistan, said on Fox Nation that Armour's claim is a "lazy excuse for journalism."

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He said that, as a veteran wounded for life, watching tens of thousands of people stand up and join together in the "Star-Spangled Banner" gives him the "motivation to get out of bed" for the next 365 days.

Jones said hearing the anthem at sporting events and other venues makes him "proud of the fact I lost half my body in war."

Host Tyrus added that he regularly attends New Orleans Pelicans NBA games and has watched in awe as all spectator action stops when the anthem is played.

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