Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso of Wyoming said that Democrats are "careening over the liberal cliff" as they push for far-left policies like the abolition of private health insurance and institution of the Green New Deal.

Barasso, a physician by trade, said that the Medicare-for-all program being pushed by some on the social democratic wing of the party would "bankrupt" American families.

"It's unworkable [and] unaffordable," the Reading, Pa. native said, adding that he projects such a program would cost every family $65,000 per year.

Democrats, he said, are "so outside the American mainstream," pointing to several lawmakers who support late-term abortion.

Last month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) passed a law championed by State Senate President Andrea Stewart-Cousins and other top Democrats that allows for abortion up until the last moments of pregnancy.

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In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) made controversial comments on a metro Washington radio program in which he considered a case where a baby could be killed moments after birth.

Barasso said Democrats are "taking a sharp left turn," and despite the actions of other Republicans in regard to President Trump's emergency declaration, he plans to vote to uphold an impending veto of legislation blocking the action.

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