On Fox Nation, Stuart Varney and Steve Hilton discussed how special America is as a "warm and embracing" place for immigrants to start a career and succeed.

Hilton said the sentiment was the "exact opposite of the caricature" that the Democrats are pushing on the American people.

Both Fox News hosts were born in the United Kingdom and later emigrated to the United States.

"It's inconceivable that you or I could have had the kind of career that we're building here in America back in the U.K. as a foreigner. Or let alone in somewhere like France!" Hilton said.

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He said that he came to the U.S. seven years ago and was able to work as an educator at Stanford before breaking into television and hosting his own program -- "The Next Revolution."

Varney said that "the opportunity that America offers" to all people is very special.

"It's only in America that this could happen," Hilton added.

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