A New Jersey Democratic congressman who is a member of the moderate "Problem Solvers Caucus" said the border crisis should be fixed through a bipartisan solution.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew of Cape May County said that the border issue is "a real problem" but that a presidential emergency declaration may not be warranted.

"I'm a bipartisan individual, I don't necessarily think everything [President Trump] does is wrong automatically," he said, however adding that Congress should do its job in this case.

Van Drew said Congress should get a panel of apolitical "experts" together to come up with a plan that can pass both houses and secure the border.

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Bill Hemmer asked Van Drew about the more radical wing of his party, noting that former Rep. Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke just announced a presidential run.

Without naming any candidates, Van Drew said that it is "a concern" to see the party trend leftward, adding that most Americans are "in the middle" and either center-left or center-right.

He said the Green New Deal is "too much, too radical, too fast and would change the entire structure of our nation," but said climate change must be addressed.

Van Drew said it's too early to say how the primaries and caucuses will play out, but Democrats must realize that moderates in the party "must be part of the process."

"You can't win without the middle being part of the process."

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