In his latest "Reality Check" on Fox Nation, David Webb said Thursday that much of the Democratic Party has no use for the "independent thoughts" of people from Middle America.

"[There are] so many [Democrats] running for president. Who among them is doing their job effectively in D.C.?" he asked.

Webb said that the current slate of Democratic presidential candidates view people who don't agree with them as "political serfs" and that "they don't seek to serve [the public]."

"They want political servitude by newly-defined victim classes," he said, pointing to the prevalence of identity politics in American civil discourse.

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Webb said that, these days, there is little use by the political class for the independent thinking of much of the nation, as "they will decide how you must think."

For "white, non-liberals," Webb said that they are seen as the "enemy" and that the left has "dug up the past and the specter of colonial racism."

Radio host Larry Elder said that, historically, many Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, but instead claim that the right is where racism resides.

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