Andy Puzder, the former chief executive of Hardees/Carl's Jr. Restaurants' parent company, said Tuesday that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't actually know what real socialism or capitalism is.

Sandra Smith reported that Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) claimed that American workers should be "excited" to have their jobs replaced by automation and robotics because it will allow them more time to "educate [them]selves ... investigating the sciences (sic) and enjoying the world that we live in."

"With her economic policies, you definitely will have to do things other than work," Puzder remarked.

Puzder, who President Trump initially considered as his nominee for secretary of labor, said that people get their "self-worth” from their job.

"She really doesn't know what socialism is and she doesn't know what capitalism is," he said, pointing to Venezuela's continued economic collapse under the leadership of disputed President Nicholas Maduro.

Capitalism, he said, is the "ability to profit by reaching out and satisfying the needs of others."

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Puzder said that Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos is an example of a capitalist who invented a service that "satisfies" the commercial needs of others.

He said that, under socialism, people may instead find themselves in "food lines" trying to satisfy their needs.

Puzder also criticized Ocasio-Cortez' rebuke of President Reagan, saying that as someone who was "actually alive during the Reagan administration," he could vouch that the California Republican "did more for working class people" than most politicians.

Puzder blamed the prevalence of socialism-supporting millennials on a broken education system that teaches American history as "the history of oppression" rather than the history of "personal liberty."

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