A Missouri man with stage-four pancreatic cancer was subject to a police search of his hospital room last week after a security guard reported an odor of marijuana. 

On Fox Nation's "Liberty File," Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the incident with TV host Dr. Drew Pinsky, who said the viral footage made him "furious." 

The patient, Nolan Sousley, said he was trying to rest and had not been smoking marijuana in the room. He did have CBD oil capsules, which are legal in Missouri, and said he had taken them outside the hospital. 

The state, however, does not permit doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

"This is the insanity of our laws," the star of MTV's "Teen Mom" said, adding that the officers in the video should not be blamed for simply doing their jobs.

Pinsky said doctors in all states should be able to help patients, whether it's with marijuana or hallucinogens, if the substance is proven to be beneficial, especially for pain in terminal patients like Sousley.

Citizens Memorial Hospital, located in Bolivar, later apologized in a Facebook post, writing, "We are reviewing the incident and will retrain our employees in the core values and the importance of respect and dignity to our patients and the community."

Watch the discussion above and go to Fox Nation to see Napolitano and Pinsky's full discussion on childhood vaccinations.

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