Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy said Tuesday on Fox Nation that he tries to avoid politics on his website and broadcasts. 

Portnoy was asked by Stuart Varney whether he feels the website has a "conservative bent."

"People think I do because I go on Fox News, I go on with Tucker Carlson. ... If you do anything with politics, they don't listen to what you say. They come to their pre-drawn conclusions and they make assumptions about you, I actually think it's a huge problem," he answered. 

Portnoy said people who support Trump are "lumped into a category," explaining that he generally avoids political discussions and gears content toward the majority of millennials and college kids who like to have fun.

He said a "vocal minority" likes to "stamp their feet" and bash the website and its shows for "talking like guys talk."

"The reason Barstool is popular is because we appeal to 95 percent of normal people," said Portnoy.

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