Texas Democratic Congressman Al Green said that he plans to put forward articles of impeachment against President Trump for a third time.

Green, of Houston, told Neil Cavuto that he is unconcerned as to whether the impeachment vote breaks the several-hundred-member threshold needed to start formal proceedings.

He said that it is his "responsibility to prevent an unfit president from staying in office" and that if he only gets his own single vote, he will have done his job in that regard.

Green's past two attempts garnered about 60 Democratic votes each time. No Republicans voted for either article.

"I will do as my conscience dictates," Green said, going on to quote from Federalist Paper 65, one of several founding documents chiefly authored by John Jay, the first Supreme Court justice, and Alexander Hamilton.

Green said Trump "put his bigotry into policy" by seeking a purported "Muslim ban" and calling African nations "s**thole countries."

Green said that, growing up in the segregated South, he witnessed bigotry firsthand and knows what it looks like.

He said CBP's separating of family units who cross the border illegally or who seek asylum have been largely along racial lines.

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Green said he is not concerned with Speaker Pelosi's contention that impeachment is "not worth it."

Cavuto asked whether he would have supported President Clinton's impeachment if he were in the House at the time.

Green said he would respect the House's role in the matter, and noted that President Andrew Johnson was impeached for much lesser offenses than Trump.

Johnson, he said, was impeached in 1868 for "speaking ill of the House." 

But, with then-Chief Justice Salmon Chase presiding, the Senate failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to remove the Tennessee Democrat.

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