A Marine veteran is helping Alabama communities recover after a series of devastating tornadoes, one American flag at a time.

Multiple tornadoes ripped through Alabama last week, including one in Lee County that leveled entire neighborhoods and left 23 people dead.

Jamie Popwell, founder of the organization Flag for Vets, said he was helping clear debris in some of the hardest hit areas and he noticed that many of the affected properties were left with damaged flags and flagpoles.

Flags for Vets gives flags to veterans free of charge as a show of thanks for their service, so Popwell saw how he could use his expertise to help his fellow Alabamans begin rebuilding.

"Our flag is a symbol of hope. As a country, we have fought and done so much under that flag," Popwell said. "Being able to see that flag has always given me hope. And that was my desire ... to give them hope."

"It is not just cloth material. It is the fabric of our country."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above, and find out more about Flags for Vets.

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