Former Trump campaign adviser and longtime friend of the president Michael Caputo said Monday he will not back down from his intention to defy House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler's request for documents pertaining to alleged collusion and other crimes.

Caputo said he is one of 81 people who received document requests from Nadler (D-N.Y.), but added that his few paragraphs of requests pales in comparison to others.

Caputo said that the longtime Manhattan Democratic congressman is a "smart" political foe, and is hoping to catch one of the 81 people in a "perjury trap."

He said Nadler sent Donald Trump Jr. several pages worth of individual document requests and that such actions should be considered "financial punishment" for himself and Trump's oldest son.

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"I'm not gonna play," he said of Nadler's attempt to incriminate Trump through ulterior means. "I've lost my business, nearly lost my house [from legal fees already]."

Caputo said he's answered Nadler's type of questions under oath three times in the past, adding that the committee likely hopes to catch him misstating or mis-remembering something he testified to in those other hearings.

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