Senate Judiciary Committee Member John N. Kennedy said fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is crooked and should "hide his head in a paper bag" for the damage he did to the bureau.

"Mr. McCabe is one of the people responsible for politicizing the premier law enforcement agency in the history of the world," Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, told CBS News.

He said McCabe "clearly" acted on his "political beliefs," adding that he would feel the same way if a federal agent acted in a corrupt manner to benefit President Donald Trump or another conservative.

"All of them should hang their head in shame," he said of a group of FBI brass that purportedly acted in a politicized manner.

"They think they're smarter and more virtuous than the American people," Kennedy said. "If you lie and I lie to the FBI [as McCabe allegedly did], we go to jail."

Kennedy said that McCabe is now "playing the role of 'huckster'" by hawking a book based on his tribulations.

"He's one bent two-by-four," Kennedy remarked.

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Host Margaret Brennan asked if Kennedy felt similarly about convicted Trump associate Paul Manafort.

Kennedy said that Manafort has always lived his business life in the "margins" and is a "sleazoid."

Kennedy was responding to McCabe's earlier interview on "Face the Nation," wherein Brennan asked about allegations that he showed "political bias" in text messages of former Agent Peter Strzok.

"I can't tell you what Lisa [Page] and Pete were referring to in their private texts," McCabe said. "I think I've been very clear publicly about how the investigators felt about the work that we needed to do in May 2017 after Director Comey was fired, they made a recommendation to me that we open cases. I acted on that recommendation."

"I felt very strongly at that time that I needed to make those decisions quickly because I anticipated I would not be in the acting role for very long," he added, also saying he was "shocked" that Manafort did not receive a longer prison sentence.

McCabe made headlines last month in a "60 Minutes" interview when he revealed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein "was not joking" when he suggested secretly recording President Donald Trump after Comey's firing. He also said Rosenstein "raised the issue" of pursuing Trump's removal from office via the 25th Amendment. 

Rosenstein, who is slated to leave the Justice Department this month, denied both of McCabe's claims.

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