Many Americans are tired of Congress pursuing endless, inconsequential investigations instead of solving the nation's problems.

For those who would like to see MORE congressional probes, however, this week's "Greg Gutfeld Show" featured a hilarious parody ad for the Congressional Super-Hyper-Mega-Turbo-Investigation-Palooza-Fest.

"In the past year, Congress has spent thousands and thousands of hours on investigations, but in 2019, they'll take it to the next level with the Congressional Super-Hyper-Mega-Turbo-Investigation-Palooza-Fest!" the voiceover says. "It's all the things you've always wanted investigated but never had the courage to ask for."

Some of the quandaries that Congress "needs" to get to the bottom of include: What lives in Bernie Sanders' hair? Do Americans prefer meat loaf the food or Meat Loaf the musician? And if owls are so wise, why aren't they wearing pants?

Watch the funny clip above, and don't miss "The Greg Gutfeld Show" every Saturday at 10:00pm ET on Fox News Channel. Plus, catch more from Greg on "One Smart Person" on Fox Nation!

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